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floresp640 wrote:
1.) Can you try turning off PRE/POST and see if the popping persists? 2.) Can you try taking out the TS8MS pedal out of the chain and just having the guitar plugged straight into input 1 of H9A. 3.) Finally, can you try using a different MIDI foot switch? We’re just trying to isolate the issue so that we can come up with a good solution to fix it. Sorry for the inconvenience!

1. Simply turning Normal Routing in both H9’s connected together as before, leads to feedback/sqealing! So, I rewired both H9’s in amp’s loop only: Guitar directly into amp’s INPUT, then SEND > H9A input 1 / output 1 >  H9B input 1 / output 1 > RETURN. Result: No popping. As i said before, even if I was in Pre/Post routing in H9’s, if I switch between presets routed POST only (in one or both H9’s), no popping as well.

2. TS8MS was at no time in the setup, just on the drawing. So it should be disregarded from the equation.

3. I can only use H9 as a midi controller, instead of Midimate. I wired H9A as per your page indication for connection and I routed it PRE/POST, set Midi Channel to 1 and it’s midi output to Thru. I used H9B as midi controller, and set it’s midi output to Transmit (no audio connections to it). I want to control 2 different presets in H9A, one saved with PRE the other POST. New (damn) findings:

H9B does not transmit midi! It may be that this unit is faulty. I tried to change Midi Channel to 1 or 2, etc. or Omni, but it does not transmit midi. H9A used as a transmitter works ok for the other H9B though… This is more upsetting, but let’s get back to the popping issue: H9A (and B)  pops even when switching presets PST to PRE from it’s footswitches (load & activate preset). I don’t even think midi has anything to do with it any more.

At this point I am baffled… I don’t know what to think, which one works all right and which one doesn’t? I am attaching the two presets I am using to switch in my working H9A (or B) wired as in your page, routed PRE/POST. Please try to load them in your H9 and switch between them to see if it pops for you.