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odd job wrote:

Hi Guy's, New here and new to the H9 update process.  I bought a used H9 Max, and recieved is this morning.  I plugged her in to make sure it wasn't DOA, and this message came up   UPDATE   BAD H9 MAX ,,,  Then jumped to the presets,  I haven't plugged into an amp yet, wanted to update to the next firmware, as the person I purshased from, said it has been stored since June 2015.  Thanks for any Help, Bill

That message sounds pretty alarming, but what it actually means was that last time someone tried to update it the update process was interrupted and it has a partial update file stored which it can't use.  If you turn it on while pressing the HotKnob switch (the one in the upper left hand corner) and then turn it off and then turn it on again normally, that message should go away.

To update it, you just need to download H9 Control and connect it to your H9 via USB or Bluetooth.  If you click on the Pedals button in the apps bottom menu bar, you'll see a button there for updating the H9's software.