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patric oconnor

Two questions:  

1. Why does this error keep popping up each time I select my H9 preset list ? (see attachment ) . I power cycled after the first few times it did this but the error keeps popping up. This happens when I’m connected to my Macbook via USB but not with the bluetooth connection so I’m guessing it is a cable problem. I’ve noticed the USB cable at the back is a bit loose and doesn’t fit very well; I’ve tried about 4 different cables but they all have problems with connecting which causes  problems when syncing to my DAW. The USB socket on the H9 seems very badlly designed , considering how expensive the unit is. Are there any recommended cables or do I have to stick some bluetack on the back ?

2. Is there anyway to have an overview of the preset list in a single window ; maybe a list view or smaller icons ? . It’s confusing scrolling back and forth and trying to arrange the presets in the order I want them.