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brock wrote:

Thanks for the interest.  I excavated them from a 5 year-old archived drive, in all of their gaudy, graphical glory. They’re far too large for this page, so rather than resampling the .jpgs, here are the direct links:



Big fan of your work, Bill.  Ironically, I had worked out all of the Whammy4 MIDI CC ranges, cobbled them together in a sequencer, and even toyed around with some breadboards.  Then Molten MIDI (and its app) was released.  I was amazed once again when your product line exploded a few years later.  Cool, powerful offerings there.  Best of success in this emerging, but – for many reasons – still largely niche market.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but I mapped out CC values for many of the PitchFactor parameters in the same way.  The parameter ranges differ from algorithm to algorithm, so it makes for tedious and incomplete work.  But coming from a synth programming background, I found that to be standard fare, and well worth the effort.  With a little extra hardware, it comes very close to creating your own custom algos for the H9.


Thanks Brock!


Another forum member, kiwi, asked that I look into making a Molten MIDI type device for the Pitchfactor, so I wanted to see what was involved.


The Molten MIDI 2 and app was actually the second generation – I made a simpler version for a year or so before diving into that one!  You might dig G-Quencer where I took it to a new level…



The H9 looks like a possibility too, as it comes stock with the Pitchfactor harmonizer.  It’s too bad Eventide didn’t keep the MIDI assignments fixed like with the Whammy, but they chose flexibility which I also understand.

Anyway, thanks again, and I will keep the forum informed if I get something up and running!

 – Bill