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Hi Eventide! I can reproduce this issue.


  1. H9 Max (v. H9_5.4.0[0])
  2. iPhone with iOS 10.2
  3. H9 Control 2.7.8

Repro steps (assuming paired H9):

  1. Tap Lists > [Name of H9]
  2. Tap a preset to select it
  3. Tap More > Delete preset > OK

Expected results:

  1. All presets above the deleted preset should have moved down one slot.
  2. The last slot (99) should now be empty.

Observed results:

  1. GOOD
  2. The last slot (99) retains its preset, AND the slot below it (98) now contains a copy of that preset as well.


You can repeat this process as many times as you want. That means If you delete preset #1 ninety-nine times, you will have ninety-nine copies of preset #99. If I had to guess (knowing absolutely nothing about the app internals), it looks like the app is copying presets down a slot instead of moving them.