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Just saw this wish list thread for the first time, so wanted to include this here:

Dear Eventide,

I’m really loving the two H9s I recently bought. Ultra-powerful, and I really appreciate that a lot of parameters are midi-controllable. One way I use them is having external LFOs or envelopes subtly modulate parameters to create movement in the sound. Love it, and it makes the algorithms come to life even further.

One thing I would love more than anyrhing else? Having assignable midi CC numbers for the X, Y and Z parameters (in addition to the KB0-KB9 options). It would be killer for live situations!

I recently bought a BCR2000 midi knob box to control my H9s along with some other gear in live situations. Your system for having assignable. I’d love to be able to use the X, Y, Z concept – which works great for the front panel of the H9s – with an external midi controller. That way, for my midi performance patches on the BCR2000, I could make a generic BCR2000 preset instead of having to create a new one for every performance/live track. I could just have the essentials for live use – which for me are mix (KB0), output swell (OSW), expression/hotknob (EXP) plus parameters X, Y, Z. I would only need to use six knobs for each H9 instead of twelve, freeing up my BCR2000 to control more! I hope my description is clear enough! If this were to be added, I’d probably buy another one or two of these things in time. I hope you consider it. 🙂