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Thanks for your reply.  I should have been more detailed with my post.  I am using two H9’s, a little bit of OD and a reverb.  I have one of my H9 pedals set to a delay (lost lunch preset) and with the other H9 I was trying to get close to that flanger/phaser sound the Edge has.  Is there a preset you recommend that can capture that part of his signal chain.  I tried the Q-Wah but I agree it isnt quite right.   Both my H9’s are maxed out.

Thank you for your help! 




brock wrote:

I don’t believe that you’re going to get the entire preset chain from the A3 (“preset 76”) out of the H9.  SpaceTime should be able to cover the flanger, delay, and reverb.  Sculpt will get you the drive, and part-way to the critical auto-wah sound.  Q-Wah comes closer in that area, but the envelope shape isn’t quite right.

If there’s any other pedals that you can use – substituting for some segments of that sound – maybe I can help you to flesh out the rest of the multi-FX chain in the H9.  What’s your current setup?