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Given To Fly
brock wrote:

 Hi, odd job!

My name is Tom … Hi, Tom! … and I’m also an H9 Control Freak.  It started innocently enough.  I experimented with a little PitchFactor.  But that became the gateway to an H9, a Max Out program, and then clear justification for another H9 (“I’m actually saving money, right?”), and more new algorithm releases , and then …

You’ve come to the right place.  Meetings are Monday through Friday.  The free brochures in the back explain most all of the rules.  Weekends can be a tad slow.  If it starts to get a little boring, mention something like a UniVibe algorithm, or Android support.  We usually schedule a theme party right around NAMM time.

But there are documented and undocumented gems scattered all over the forum here; usually slipped into one of the Eventide staff replies.  I won’t promise any quick cures to for algo-holism – far from it.  Excessive algo consumption is actually encouraged here.  It keeps you off the streets, but may alienate your friends.

Too much of this is true on many levels! frown

Brock…er, Tom…I have some questions for you regarding your presets and preset making ability. I do not know how to contact you outside of the public forum. I have no problem listing my email address but I do not know if there are rules against things like that. Either way, the Eventide moderators will catch it if there are. If you send me a quick email I can send you an email with my questions regarding your presets and preset making ability.