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odd job
brock wrote:

odd job wrote:

Guy’s, after spending many hours with this jewel, I think I might need professional help,,,lol  I find myself on that app way too much, starting to feel like Dr. Frankenstein!!  And even worse, I bought a Core pedal to add too the Addition???  I sure to be babbling to myself in a corner, if I keep this Mad Scientist project going,,,,,,, 😉

Hey Tom!  Thanks for the invite!!  But, I’m going to have to pass, as the second pedal arrived and I’m deep into algo experimentation.

I haven’t left the house since, and Grub Hub is my only connection with the outside world. I need to go now, my pedals are calling and my pot of coffee is thru brewing  😉

 Hi, odd job!

My name is Tom … Hi, Tom! … and I’m also an H9 Control Freak.  It started innocently enough.  I experimented with a little PitchFactor.  But that became the gateway to an H9, a Max Out program, and then clear justification for another H9 (“I’m actually saving money, right?”), and more new algorithm releases , and then …

You’ve come to the right place.  Meetings are Monday through Friday.  The free brochures in the back explain most all of the rules.  Weekends can be a tad slow.  If it starts to get a little boring, mention something like a UniVibe algorithm, or Android support.  We usually schedule a theme party right around NAMM time.

But there are documented and undocumented gems scattered all over the forum here; usually slipped into one of the Eventide staff replies.  I won’t promise any quick cures to for algo-holism – far from it.  Excessive algo consumption is actually encouraged here.  It keeps you off the streets, but may alienate your friends.