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Eventide Staff
dedeman wrote:

1. Is there a way to manually map midi values for IN and OUT points for an expression pedal used over MIDI? I want it to start at 40 instead of 0 and stop to 80 instead of 100.  Can this be done in H9? Or, can I specify a MID value somewhere along the way, so I can set different curves? From midi controller the expression sends values from 0 to 127. So I want 0 in midi controller to be 40 in H9 and respectively 127 in controller 80 in H9.

You can set min and max values for remotely controlled parameters. See UM p.34.

dedeman wrote:

2. And a subquestion, maybe related to the one above: Is autocalibration working for MIDI expression usage? If I deactivate calibration ("Yes" in pedal setup unde H9 control) can I manually calibrate IN and OUT (midi) points in H9? Where?

There is no autocalibration for MIDI pedals – the H9 does not know it's a pedal – it just views it as a MIDI CC.  And, we rather expect the pedal's electronics to deal with calibration or other adjustments.