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Giacomo Cicirello wrote:

gkellum wrote:

Giacomo Cicirello wrote:

Hi, I am not sure you solved this, but I have the same problem on a mac, the timefactor is only working via MIDI, usb is not working no more.

Any tips are welcome. swoftware is up-to-date and also the H9…

Could you open up the Audio MIDI Setup app on the Mac and see if your TimeFactor is appearing there as a MIDI device?

There are some other trouble shooting tips in the H9 Control manual:


I am attaching a Screenshot, looks fine as my both factors are grayed out…

I have changed cables, factory restored, upgrade al software updates…

Any tip or help is welcome!!! It is very unconfortable connect via MIDI… USB was great

Just tried with other MAC, same thing, not connecting via USB