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I have general wishes — not for any specific algorithm:

– Better guidance on how to learn to use the H9 from a musical or tone-crafting viewpoint. Right now, it’s pretty algorithm-centered. I want general guidance on how best to figure out what to dive into. Especially starting out, it’s like being thrown a chemistry set and told to start mixing up something cool.

– A smoother way to save things. It’s clunky. As a user, I want to save things and directly place it into a preset, especially when I’m using my iOS devices.

– On my iOS apps, some kind of dummy dry guitar signal to feed into the demo apps. There’s a lot of times I have some free time, pull out my iPhone, and would just as soon check out some algorithms. Or I read about some algorithm settings and want to check them out. But I don’t have a signal (a guitar and amp) handy. If the H9 apps played with AudioBus or other such apps, that would do it.

– Smoother way to share presets. It’s all disconnected now. Shared on DropBox, or screenshots on website, whatever. Ideally, I’d see a preset, have a way to hear it, and save it as my own, all while waiting for a bus on my iPhone, with no guitar in sight. Again, having a dry guitar signal or two on hand would help here.


Feel free to pick my brain. FWIW, I’m a UX Designer, and I’m always thinking about smoother UX stuff. Of course, the H9 / iOS apps are pretty darn innovative wrt UX already!


– Joe