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I’m reading this as two different requests.  If you want to scale H9 parameter ranges to a full MIDI CC range of 0-127, you can do that.  Set the MINVAL and MAXVAL directly to a parameter [KB0 – KB9].    Configure or LEARN Activate to the same incoming MIDI CC message.  I’ll add a couple of caveats to this approach:

  • The parameter mappings are global; not per-preset.  So, a Wah sweep in one preset might be a pitch change in another; both limited to the minimum & maximum range limits.
  • ACTIVATE is going to kick in from CC value 64-127; no matter what.  Whatever Wah sweep range you want to continue will also be limited to 64-127.  Effectively, you’re working mid-pedal-to-toe on the physical pedal.
  • Any time you venture near midpoint, on the footpedal itself, you run the risk of bypassing the H9.

The other approach:  scaling MIDI CC range to a full H9 parameter range 0-100 (or, as appropriate).  Most often, that’s a property of the MIDI controller itself.  I have seen some self-contained synths and rack units that scale both ‘in & out’, but don’t recall any pedals that do.  That will still limit what you want to accomplish to the upper half of the physical pedal sweep.

I use a MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus for things like this.  There are probably other hardware options on their site [Filter; Pedal Controller] that would get you where you need to go; simpler, and slightly more cost effective.  The EPP is highly configurable to most any kind of MIDI message processing, though.

The incoming, full-range MIDI CC message can be split into different CCs; unique ranges, converted to another MIDI message type, etc.  In your example, ACTIVATE could be 8-127 [leaving a 0-7 value as a ‘dead spot’ for bypass].  That leaves a much wider pedal sweep for wah frequencies.  But that’s a basic example.  The EPP can be customized to output almost anything that you can dream up, as nearly-simultaneous, serial MIDI ‘events’.