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joegrant413 wrote:

– On my iOS apps, some kind of dummy dry guitar signal to feed into the demo apps. There’s a lot of times I have some free time, pull out my iPhone, and would just as soon check out some algorithms. Or I read about some algorithm settings and want to check them out. But I don’t have a signal (a guitar and amp) handy. If the H9 apps played with AudioBus or other such apps, that would do it.

Hmmm…. it’s the next day, and I just realized it’s impossible for the H9 app to do anything to handle a dummy dry guitar signal without, of course, being hooked up to the H9 itself! So I have to mostly take that idea back. But, still, to have the H9 app  work with AudioBus could be very cool and open up all those possibilities in the iOS music-making app world. But that also implies dealing with audio input or outputs via Bluetooth. Another kettle of fish.