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brock wrote:

Or over MIDI, but be prepared for a little head scratching.  Technically, the HotSwitch started with Space, plus H9 Special algorithms.  Those algorithms turn on & off like this:

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [64-127] = ON

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [00-63] = OFF

It’s safe to say that the CC Value can be 127 for ON, and 0 for OFF.  The ModFactor and PitchFactor algorithms act the same way, except it’s a more limited Performance Switch action [Brake; Slow/Fast, or  Flex/Repeat].

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [64-127] = ON

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [00-63] = OFF

Where it gets dicey is in the TimeFactor-based algorithms.  One CC value turns the Repeat function both ON & OFF.  For argument’s sake, let’s call it a CC Value of 127 for ON.

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [64-127] = ON.

CC Number [0-99] + CC Value [64-127] = OFF

One way to cover all of the bases is to have two separate MIDI switches for ON & OFF.  One switch sends CC Value = 127, and the other sends CC Value = 0.

A single MIDI switch that alternates with each press between 127 & 0 values can cover any HotSwitch or Performance option, except for the TimeFactor algos.  There’s a little background information here.

Picking up on this thread becaue I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to assign the Slow/Fast function in the Rotary Algo to a MIDI CC switch. So far when I set up MIDI CC via my Line 6 Helix, I can only access the brake function, but not Fast/Slow