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Glenn Rutledge
nickrose wrote:

Glenn Rutledge wrote:

Hello- I’m using a Dunlop XL (DVP 1XL) 10k pot expression petal with just a tip sleep connector. When I operate the petal with H9 the parameter values go from say 0 (heel down) to 100 HALF way rocking the petal to 0 again at toe down. The specs on the petal say :Low Friction Band Drive” petal.  Is this not a Linear taper as suggested by you.  Is this a setting issue? HELP 

This problem is caused by using a mono cable with a TRS-type pedal – it has nothing to do with the stompbox.  With a Factor, or an H9 with EXPTIP set to EXP, you could use a stereo TRS cable (as suggested by Mr Dunlop).

If you want to use both a switch and a pedal with H9, you should see https://www.eventideaudio.com/support/downloads/using-both-aux-switch-and-expression-pedal-h9




So, I used aTRS cable (as I should have- thanks), however I’m having issues  I want to be able to use the EXP petal to ramp up the wet vs. dry or vice versa. However, whenever I set a System setting (as in this case I was setting Global Mix to have my expression petal either wet to dry), the 0-100 settings reflected NO change in wet/dry. It did something like a time/space squeeze), but not what I wanted (remove effect via EXP petal).

 Worse, whenever I use System setting for something, then back out (via Hotknob + Rt footswitch) to do another SYSTEM setting is DOES NOT go back into System mode. It goes back to the last System setting I used. I must power down the device to be able to get back into the top level System mode! 

Is it me?  Thanks