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Hey guys. 

I tried to answer this earlier, but i don’t think my comment made it through the validation here. Didn’t even use swear words 😛 

So the effect rack needs a few max4live devices to actually you work. Grab OH Display and Dial to program change from here: http://www.mossgrabers.de/Software/M4L/M4L.html. You also need ControlChange8 from Robert Hencke, which u can get here: http://roberthenke.com/technology/m4l.html. 

With those 3 m4l devices installed. You should: 

1) Make a midi track and place the “H9 Midi Control” rack on the midi channel. Power on your H9. On the output of the midi track you need to select your H9 midi device. This will make ableton send any midi on that track to the H9. 

2) place an audio effect rack on whichever channe you want to effect with the H9. 


You need to “Auto Select” on the H9 midi control rack (on the algo selector), so when you scroll through the presets, the effect rack changes to the right chain with the right setup for the midi kontrol parameters. 

Also the OHDisplay can be configured as you want. Atm I have written in the names of the presets that I use and which are included in the zip fle with the effect rack.

That’s it. Lemme know if you have any problems 🙂