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      Hello forum! 

      So after a while of being frustrated by the lack of a VST for controlling the H9, I finally found a good solution for controlling the pedal through Ableton with a few different Max4Live devices.

      The rack can show program change (selecting preset) on a display, if you turn the knob “Preset display” to a value of 2. It’s not taking the data from the h9 and showing u the preset from the stombox, but I’ve setup my own presets and defined them through a text document. The display pops up and dissapears after a few seconds, if the “Preset display” is turned on. I’d recommend using the up and down key, when FX-select to not cause midi overload on the H9. Also this works better with the preset display. 

      Most of the midi mappings are from the factory settings, altho they are easy to change in the rack.

      Simply load the rack to an empty midi track, and set the output to transmit midi to your H9. 

      I’ve uploaded the ableton live rack, containing the max4live devices I’ve used, presets for the H9 and a preset text file, that you can customize to your own needs. If interested, you can download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/6071047/H9_MidiSetup_Ableton.zip

      You are welcome to use this, and altho I offer no support for the rack, i’d be happy to help out – if i can 🙂 

      It’s solely ment as an inspiration to get going on midi controlling H9 from Ableton. 


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      Hi there! 

      Really excited I stumbled upon this, thanks for sharing. I put the rack to Live but it seems something is not working. When I check the rack I can see “H9 Display” was not found. I also don’t see any MIDI messages being sent from the rack, maybe this is because of a missing file? 

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      came to see if Eventide had gotten around to a vst to control out of ableton yet, and found yours! unfortunately I’m getting the same file missing errors and no actual midi data transmitted. any insight as to what may have gone wrong?

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      Hey guys. 

      I tried to answer this earlier, but i don’t think my comment made it through the validation here. Didn’t even use swear words 😛 

      So the effect rack needs a few max4live devices to actually you work. Grab OH Display and Dial to program change from here: http://www.mossgrabers.de/Software/M4L/M4L.html. You also need ControlChange8 from Robert Hencke, which u can get here: http://roberthenke.com/technology/m4l.html. 

      With those 3 m4l devices installed. You should: 

      1) Make a midi track and place the “H9 Midi Control” rack on the midi channel. Power on your H9. On the output of the midi track you need to select your H9 midi device. This will make ableton send any midi on that track to the H9. 

      2) place an audio effect rack on whichever channe you want to effect with the H9. 


      You need to “Auto Select” on the H9 midi control rack (on the algo selector), so when you scroll through the presets, the effect rack changes to the right chain with the right setup for the midi kontrol parameters. 

      Also the OHDisplay can be configured as you want. Atm I have written in the names of the presets that I use and which are included in the zip fle with the effect rack.

      That’s it. Lemme know if you have any problems 🙂 


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      THanks alto for the work, if I can get it to work, it add quite a bit of value to my setup 🙂

      However, I am fairly new to the game of midi and hw control so I am not really managing to get it to work.

      I have followed the instructions above to the lettter.

      I have chosen “h9 Pedal” in “midi to” (as long as the H9 control app is running, I can also send midi to “H9 Control” but I don’t assume that this is the way to go)

      The rack is sending midi fine but the only thing that has any effect is the “FX Select” macro which changes presets as it should.

      No other control has any effect however,

      H9 Pedal has been reset to factory settings but the behaviour persists.

      Any idea on what I am doing wrong?

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      Ok, so I am beginnign to think that the only thing that doesn’t work is that somehow, my midi channels have gotten mixed up or something is differently configured thatn in your setup.

      I discovered that some encoders on the midi control device do indeed work, they just donn’t do what they are supposed to. Actually, on a closer look, the “FX Select” exhibits the same behaviour, that is, it does change preset, sjut not to the preset indicated in the lsit. Thus, the preset specific encoders obviously also don’t work as intended.

      I am not sure about the causality of this issue though, any thoughts on how to troubleshoot it?

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        If the H9 is receiving midi messages from the rack in Live, you are on your way.

        Now, if the encoders in the rack doesn’t fit with the functions in the app, its most likely because you didn’t upload the presets from the pack to the H9. I’ve catalogued/organised the presets in the folder called “4 H9 Ableton_Midi”, so they fit with the rack functionality. All of the different algoritms are there (10 timefactor algos, 10 modfactor algos etc…).

        So if you take the FX Select on the rack to “0” this should make the H9 choose the “Digital Delay” algo with the preset called “Pristine digital delay”, “1” should be “Vintage delay” algo and the preset “Streets” etc. etc..

        If it doesn’t choose the right algo/preset there’s your problem. 

        Also; you can have the H9 app open while screwing around with the rack, this way you can see if the encoders on the rack match the appropiate encoders in the app, 

        Hope this helps. 🙂

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