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likkquid wrote:

hello all ! where do i find the preset for the ” queen ” sound ?   thanks for any help !

It’s a mystery of astrophysics that may never be solved.  But here’s a start.  I prefer the ‘bite’ that I got in CrushStation, over my first few attempts in the Sculpt algorithm.  It’s still a little too ‘fizzy’.  Use your bridge, or bridge+middle pickups.  I placed a clean boost before the H9, that helped as a treble booster.


Assuming that you want to fake the multi-tracked guitars, try QuadraVox after the digital distortion.  Use a switch / pedal to change between MAJ & min 3rds.  I spread the voices out with delay for added realism.

You may want to tack on a subtle room sound at the tail end.  Very light chorusing and short delays can add more girth to the sound.  SpaceTime used below; dozens of other algorithms will get you close enough.