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Hi Gkellum,

 Finally got it to connect! Thank you!

I followed the link you provided. The only thing left to try was to change computer…got no luck there!

I then tried to pair it with midi cables to my modfactor…didn’t work?? So I tried the same with a firewire external sound card and Voil√†!!

Then while updating… ”an error occured” … pitchfactor wrote ”BAD !!” .  At this point, I had tried everything to reinstall any firmware and would never get more than 33% completed!! . The Pitchfactor couldn’t even boot. It either crashes 1 sec. after startup or I hold the middle footswitch to update mode. 

I went back to the forum to figure this out and found that other users were having the same problems.


After reading post #11 by Stringbot, I wanted to try on my other computer ( both running Windows 7 pro) but it is not firewire and I knew I couln’t get it to connect. So my last resort at that point was to at least try with a standard usb cable. And to my surprise, the Direct Updater detected it right away.

I then started updating to the latest firmware no problems! It turned out that the problem was caused by my computer the whole time. The funny thing is that I don’t have any problems with my modfactor stompbox connecting to my main computer while the pitchfactor still can’t.

In conclusion, always try it on another computer.

I hope it helps other users!! Thanks