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nickrose wrote:

msurys wrote:

Thank you! Is it TRS that should connect to output/input of the pedal, or just TRS from exp/aux output of the pedal to H9?

The TRS is for the pedal – the H9 does not care. Note that you should set the H9 EXPTIP for EXP only – it gets complicated if you want pedal and switch with this pedal.

I’ll share a source of confusion that I finally figured out in case it helps someone somewhere. I was under the impression the H9 could be used with 2 Aux. switches, such as the Boss FS-6, and an Ernie Ball Jr. 25k Volume Pedal acting as an Expression Pedal. My reasoning was the Factor pedals had a TRS jack that allowed for 3 Aux. Switches and an Exp. Pedal Jack allowing for an Expression Pedal. 3 + 1 = 4 to put it simply. With the H9, my Digitech FS-300 still gave me 3 Aux. Switches but at the expense of an Expression Pedal. I thought it was possible to sacrifice an Aux. Switch for an Expression Pedal, giving me an Expression Pedal and 2 Aux. Switches because the math made sense. I thought a switch and a potentiometer were the essentially same thing as far as the H9 was concerned. Apparently, I was wrong. 

With the H9 you get 1 Aux. Switch and 1 Expression Pedal or 3 Aux. Switches. Those are your options. With the Factor pedals, you get 3 Aux. Switches and 1 Expression Pedal without compromise.  

That is how I currently understand things regarding the H9, the Factor Series, and arithmetic.