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brock wrote:

None of the ‘Factor stompboxes currently transmit or receive System Real Time commands [Start; Stop; Continue].  Space’s MIDI Implementation Chart  [page 48 in the manual] spells out the details.


is it still true today? 

I mean those stompboxes are awsome and very powerful concerning midi : program change, midi clock out etc. A very very comprehensive tool. 

BUT… I can’t synchronise my moog mother 32 with my space stompboxe. Apparently this is due to the fact that there is no start message from the pedal.

I read on a forum that it could send a start message when tap tempo is activated, but it doesn’t work. 

The synchronisation works very well whith my Arturia micro brute, Roland spdsx and my others pedals but my moog hardware needs a start message… 

Do I have to buy a Molten Voltage master control (which actually does the excat same thing concerning midi than the Space) only for the start fonction? 

I accidentely synchronise the Space and the Mother 32 when I used the dump function (all). But I know that it’s not the correct way.. 


Any suggestions? 


Thanks a lot!