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Hey folks, It is now possible to order it on http://www.evenmidi.com/ Worldwide shipping.

There is now a lot of new features :

  • Solo Mode or Dual Mode (to control two H9 units simultaneously or separately)
  • Live Mode : Direct access to 6 presets (program Change footswitches)
  • Standard Mode (Control Change footswitches)
  • Looper Mode (Direct access – Direct Out – REC PLAY STOP EMPTY TAP – Switch to another H9 while playing)

  • 10 potentiometers
  • 4 “soft(quiet)” footswitches momentary
  • EXPRESSION PEDAL Input TRS + Calibration
  • 2.1mm DC 9V negative center (standard Boss)
  • Channels Midi settings
  • Screenprinted Enclosure
  • Firmware update with miniUSB
  • Saving the last state after turned off


Video Demo : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yum9R9N_1uY