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Given To Fly
nickrose wrote:

Thanks GTF. I would add a few more thoughts.

1) These are $20, not $20,000.

2) You probably want new algorithms in the future. These take a lot of work and skill. Mysteriously, our staff want to pay their rent.

3) I think I made the point, so I won’t go on.


I think there may have been some confusion. I asked for “Un-Buy” algorithms (specifically for Amazon and eBay) as a joke, several posts after the original idea was suggested, because people sometimes make purchases from these gigantic retailers that they later regret. Personally, I know nothing about this; I’ve only heard stories. 😉 The idea of Eventide making an “Un-Buy” algorithm that allows a person to “un-buy” products (like a kayak or $400 rare book) purchased from these retailers is beyond Eventide’s sphere of power and influence, not based in reality, and generally preposterous, sort of like magic. 

I hope that clarifies any confusion regarding what I actually wrote. Now, I need to figure out what to do with this kayak…..