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Poppy wrote:

madmac wrote:

Thank you mate 😉


camn wrote:

Hey- Poppy- 

How do your Pots work, in terms of Midi CC messages? 

Absolute? Relative? Latch?


Im trying to get a different controller working, and I am not loving how the knobs interact with the H9… maybe I can steal knowledge from you 🙂


Are you searching to use CC as ” catchup ” like the Timefactore feature (but not present in H9) ?

I don’t know the controller you actually use, have you try to write to the manufacturer ?


That would be totally awesome.

Im using an Arturia Beatstep- But I am under the impression It can’t do it because I only attach a single MIDI cable. 

Does yours do this? Catchup? Or does it just pickup the absolute position right when you start to turn the knob?