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Cool down:


1-It was just a suggestion.

2-I said unbuying one or two, ’cause everybody makes mistakes. 

3-5 minutes to try some complex FX only allows for an overall taste (how does the reverb part of SpaceTime responds to different settings, alone, takes you way more than 5 minutes). That said, I absolutely applaud the chance to try them. 

3-How’s that some people feels outraged by my comment and just ignore things like the fact that Eventide won’t allow Freeze/Hold/Flex to be assigned to any of the H9 footswitches?

4-Here´s one suggestion: in the last part of the Mix knob of SpaceTime, why not letting the wet modulated signal be heard? It is cut and only Verb and Delay are audible, wich can already be done by using Kill-dry. And then again, Verb and Delay have their own mix controls. 

For instance it is not currently possible to obtain a pure pitch-vibrato or a Chorus with the dry signal mixed to taste, and the possibility is there, it’s obvious but it is cut down for some reason.