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Eventide Staff
Boylston wrote:

Anyone have an interesting algorithm and settings combo that can emulate the classic SVT amp on bass?  Tube warmth plus dirty OD when pushed…?


Been playing around with Sculpt trying to get there, but I'm still not satisfied…

It'll probably be your best bet, as I'm a bass player, and one big reason I made Sculpt was to really dial in some solid bass distortions.  That said, I didn't really have any specific amp modelling in mind, so I wouldn't be suprised if it doesn't get all the way there.  SVT (especially with 8×10 cab) is a BIG sound.  I often wonder if that sound isn't just the result of massive amounts tube-amplified bass volume in room.  Feel free to share what you've got, I'll see if I can offer any additional tweaks.  We also have CrushStation, but honestly, I think Sculpt is probably the best bet.