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909one wrote:

I posted this in another thread, but to clear this up, does the Harpeggiator clock to external MIDI sync correctly? I'm currently looking to buy an H9 specifically for this purpose and if this doesn't work I'll look elsewhere. Thnx!

Yes, the Harpeggiator does sync to external MIDI sync correctly.  This particular thread mentioned a problem where people configured their H9 to expect MIDI Clock but didn't actually send it a MIDI Clock signal;  that will cause problems with the Harpeggiator.  Also, sending Harpeggiator an unstable MIDI Clock can be problematic.  For example a MIDI Clock generated by a PC running Ableton Live will have a LOT of jitter in it, which will cause problems.  There are hardware solutions to this sort of problem, but if you're using the MIDI clock from a drum machine or other hardware device that provides a stable, jitter free clock, you don't need to worry about this.