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wallirec wrote:

I recently became the owner of the H9 MAX and I was convinced (not even checked) that the device has a serial double delay. Filter Pong does not have separate adjustment of feedback, so not really suitable. Please fix this misunderstanding!

 ALL the other delay algos have separate feedback controls. Maybe theycan do what you want? They are all parallel, as far as I know, though.

If you really want series, you CAN do it manually, with an extra patch cord. Check it out:



As far as the “misunderstanding”… am I reading right that you didn’t actually check it out.. you just thought maybe the delays were serial? The technical details of the H9 are pretty avaliable, and I, for one, never thought there would be serial delays… so i kind of think you are the only one who can correct that misunderstanding 🙂