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Eventide Staff

My first hunch is that your DAW is sending a MIDI START Command when you press play on the transport (see Looper manual in the H9 Control INFO tab for more info on MIDI Start and Stop).  If your MIDI CC to record is also happening close to this at the beginning, it will close the initial loop very quickly and put the looper in dub mode.  A few questions/suggestions: 

1. Which DAW are you using?  We can try and reproduce it here.  Better yet, let us know the DAW and shoot us over a simple session that demonstrates the problem.

2. It'd be good to find out if that particular DAW sends a MIDI START command, and if so, is there a way to disable it if you want to use CCs.  

3. Can you hook up  MIDI monitoring program to see if there is any START command to verify? 

4. Try removing your initial CC and see what happens, if it goes into record mode then you're probably getting a MIDI START.   

5. Also DAWs usually have terrible MIDICLK timer resolution.  However, some allow you to set the resolution in an advanced menu.  If your DAW allows this, I'd set it to the smallest possible timer resolution.  


As for those other issues in the links, we tried our darndest to reproduce most of them, and were unable to do so for the issues similar to yours. One of those threads looks like it just went dead after we requested more detailed information to help the user.  So maybe related, maybe not, hard to tell, but happy to pick it back up again for you!