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Robert Walitsch

Thanks a lot for your information. It helped me to make a big step forward.

The DAW I’m using is Sonar and apparently if I want it to send MIDI clock output it also sends MIDI Start and Stop. I could verify on the H9 that it tries to jump right into overdub mode as you stated and the gets stuck there … unfortunately MIDI clock/start/stop inside Sonar is all enable/disabled with one checkbox, so there is no way to turn MIDI clock on and the start/stop off …

However, from the information you provided I could derive a workaround: if I tell the DAW upon start of playback to send a MIDI prg chg to first load a non-looper H9 preset and then right afterwards send a MIDI prg chg to change to the H9 looper preset, I do not run into the instant overdub issue. H9 loads an empty looper preset and responds to record, play and stop CCs … as long as I keep the playback in the DAW a one sequence …

If I enable loop mode in the DAW, apparently some MIDI messages are send when jumping to the start of the DAW loop. This is caused by some controller look back messages which should ensure that MIDI devices at the start of the DAW loop start with identical batches as before … apparently this totally throws the H9 off track (it usually buzzes load and gets stuck) … maybe could have a look at that / filter out some MIDI message internally if already looping ??? This I could disable in Sonar, but it will no longer establish the same patch settings for external synths when starting playback frmo any later point than “1:0:0”.

MIDI clock lock is OK (mostly) … sometimes the end of the loop is not 100% spot on and the you hear an artefact at the end of the H9 looped section …

Now I will try to see if I get it work with 2 H9s in series.  Any chance we will see the H9 looper process stereo IN/OUT anytime soon rather than summing to mono?