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Eventide Staff
mikeystrat wrote:

I know this is an old thread but I'm a new buyer and I'm pretty bummed out it works this way. I'm singing. It's hard enough to hit one switch three times in a song. Six switches to accomplish this makes the pedal unusable for me. I was willing to arrange patches in a linear fashion but an extra "loading" switch is out of the question. I gave it the old college try and attempted to cue the patch and load at the proper time and cue the next patch,  but honestly, I don't want to think that much. And it's frustrating when I mess it up. 

I'm in the same boat as others and bought the pedal hoping to free up some space but because it works this way, it's just another pedal. I never use the tap tempo, I've got that set in patches. I tune at the start of a set and very rarely need to during a set. And if I do, I've got a clip on. 

I did quite a bit of research before buying the pedal but I missed this. I've owned tons of patch based effects and multi-effects and none of them worked this way. I'm kicking myself because with the 500 bucks I spent I could have bough 5 decent pedals that would do what I need them to do. I fail to see why a performance mode that disables tap and tuning and allows working musicians the option to use the pedal in an effecient manner isn't available. I've read there are no plans for this. So I guess I'll sell it. Too bad, it sounds really good once get passed the ridiculous presets. Oh well. 

Hi mikeystrat, 

First off, 6 switches, are you talking about H9 or one of the factor pedals or Space?  

Also, did you read all the above about the double aux switch our friends at Barn3 made (attaches to the bottom of the H9 or factor pedals). AND the ability to increment and decrement WITH autoload on auxswitches?  The Barn3 product is a great solution to keeping a small pedal board footprint.  You'll only have to hit one switch to load a preset using this combination.  

Everyone uses these boxes in their own way, so we tried to come up the best compromise but still allow for other options using aux switches, etc.  And we're lucky and grateful the smart guys at Barn3 came up with such a great aux switch solution.  So, we can't make everyone happy, but we do endeavor to the make the boxes fun and usable for the majority of our customers.