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I’m not sore at anybody. And I’m glad it works for you. I won’t explain again what I want to do again. I think it’s been covered to death in this thread. Not sure what’s trippin up your comprehension. Let me ask you this, why don’t you want it to work like I want? I’m not suggesting anything be different except have the option to instantly switch presets using the existing buttons provided on the unit. You use it the way you want, I use it the way I want, everybody happy. I don’t get where your coming from. 

camn wrote:

Hey Mikey- I am a guitarist and I use the H9 a ton live. Mine diesnt suck at all.. and I don’t want any of the things mentioned in this thread. But it sounds like you are saying that you bought a pedal that you didn’t need.. and it doesn’t do a thing that it was never advertised to do… and now you are sore at Eventide for it? 

That said- what are you trying to do? Tell us, and I bet we can figure out a way for you to do it. Th H9 is awesome and flexible.