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You cobbled three different sentences together and misrepresented all three. I did not say Eventide pedals suck. Ever. I said the H9 sucks for live performance. It does.  The very existance of the Barn3 gizmo is absoulute proof of that. Perhaps I could’ve clarified that changing presets suck while performing live. But I assumed since that was the topic, it would be obvious. I apologize.

I did not say I’m blown away they haven’t come to their senses. I said I’m blown away that the H9 works this way. And I am. So is every guitarist I’ve talked to. I also said I’ll check back periodically to see if Eventide comes to it’s senses. I will. I think they are losing marketshare. I think guitar players that acually read the manual before buying, do not purchase. Had I caught it, I would not have. I own that. I take full responsibilty for my ignorance. I can tell you not even one review mentioned it. I’m doing my best to correct that. 

I have more to say but  I’ll save it for another day. 


camn wrote:

mikeystrat wrote:

 Not sure what’s trippin up your comprehension. Let me ask you this, why don’t you want it to work like I want?

I totally want it to do what you want. 

But it doesn’t, apparently. And I like Eventide- I think they are doing great work, and are CRAZY attentive to their customers. When you come around with a ton of attitude and say that thier pedals “suck” and you are “blown away” that they haven’t “come to their senses” … that is shitty.  And yet I still offered to help you, to make your experience with the thing easier…. cuz maybe if you changed your process a little, those frustrations would be less frustrating. 

But anyway- have fun.