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mikeystrat wrote:

Thought I explained it pretty well. I'm talking H9, on the floor at a gig. To cycle through three presets I have to make six manuevers with my foot to accomplish what should be a simple task. Having to spend another 80 bucks for a workaround bothers me. You say people use this in all sorts of ways but not the way I want to use it. Which I believe is the most common way a guitarist using stomp boxes would use it. I think this thread backs me up. This pedal should have been able to do this from the start. I've read all the responses to these concerns and not one of them is an acceptable arugment. I'm really blown away by the response that essentially, our friends at Barn3 have made a gizmo that makes our pedal not suck for live performance. The fact that a company has put this much into R&D to create this product exclusively for the H9 should be embarrassing. 

As an anology, you've sold me a car that has an extra clutch. To engage a gear, I have to depress the clutch to shift and then push the other clutch to engage the gear. And I have to do this evertime I shift. You say, yes, but it prevents you from engaging the wrong gear without thinking about it first, and you can purchase a device for only 20% of the price of the car that allows you to drive normally. That make sense. 

So now I have to ask myself. Do I spend the 80 bucks? Are the sounds in this box that much better than what I already have? For my job, no. Not really. So what I'll likely do is put the box on a shelf and check back periodically to see if Eventide has come to it's senses. 


Got it, you meant six switch actions/maneuvers, not six actual aux switches.  You can see how I got confused there.  

Seems like all you want to do is use one footswitch to increment and autoload through 3 presets.  So you really don't need the two aux switch $80 option at all.  As the H9 works now, you really just need one aux switch.  Barn3 sells this http://www.barn3.com/shop/tesla-tap for like $25, but there are probably other cheaper options out there.  

With one aux switch assigned to "increment and autoload" and limiting your presets range from 1-3, this should get you where you to go with minimal cost and physical space.  It's your best available option right now.  

We'll consider having different preset loading modes for the switches on the box in the future, but it won't be anytime soon and I can't make any promises.  The fallout from a feature change and the ensuing tradeoffs are always deeper than face value.  That said, we have been known to deliver on feature requests from our customers (output gain, routing modes, input/output swell, etc).  AND we deliver these in free updates no less!