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jgoldbach wrote:

We have responded many, many times to requests for an Android version and we do care. If you read this thread you’ll find that both employees and management of Eventide have responded.

It hasn’t been done because we haven’t had the resources.

It’s really, honestly and truly that simple.  

I’ve tried to hold my tongue — I can understand your frustration as an Android owner myself —  but this righteous indignation is totally misplaced. We have nothing against Android. We’d love to release a version tomorrow. I’ve never worked at a company that cared more about its customers or done more for them. 

Sorry for the rant.

Doing and app for Android is not rocket science, I’ve had this device for like 2-3 years already and it doesn’t look like an app is coming soon, caring about customers is not saying they care, is taking action, do a beta app or whatever, Eventide is not like a 2 guys company that won’t have resources to try to build this app. If I can not settup the device on the go it is of no use to me because I can’t adapt, I can not always wait for my computer to set this up, and its also not realistic, sometimes on a performance you need to change a few settings on the air, and without the app or an iphone this is simply not possible.

I understand you feel like this is not justified but it is in a way, since android % of users is bigger than total amout of iOS users, it feels like who is misplacing priorities is Eventide. Maybe in a couple or more years it will be out but non iphone users might have give up already… Well I’m outahere, good luck!!