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jgoldbach wrote:

We have responded many, many times to requests for an Android version and we do care. If you read this thread you’ll find that both employees and management of Eventide have responded.

It hasn’t been done because we haven’t had the resources.

It’s really, honestly and truly that simple.  

I’ve tried to hold my tongue — I can understand your frustration as an Android owner myself —  but this righteous indignation is totally misplaced. We have nothing against Android. We’d love to release a version tomorrow. I’ve never worked at a company that cared more about its customers or done more for them. 

Sorry for the rant.


I’m surprised about this.  With the famed Eventide name and the high-end studio gear Eventide designs, engineers and sells, it is odd to hear that there are no resources for a simple Android app, that would not even require the store intereface from the IOS version.

The resources likely exist, but are tied up in the next profit-yielding endeavor, while management has marked the android app as something that will bring no profit and that was never advertised or officially promised.

This may also mean, that income from H9 sales has not met internal expectations. The creation of the H9 is may even be considered a mistake, providing too many of Eventide’s algorithms at too low a cost.  Maybe Eventide tried to broaden their audience with less costly units and then too many studios snapped them up and cannibalized sales of more profitable units, making our Android app look to the people who run Eventide like throwing good money after bad. Who knows…

It certainly is frustrating for customers of those units.  Even if you buy a windows tablet, it doesn’t work well, because Eventide’s PC app isn’t designed with small screens or touch controls in mind. At least that would be nice to get fixed.