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actioncamp wrote:
Look em up and DIY if you want a quickly designed control app so damn much. H9 has crazy customizable midi, there is literally nothing you can’t do with it. I made my own controller, but it’s on an ipad. props from one tech at a “giant music product conglomerate” to your tech staff here. you guys are undeservedly patient for continuously fielding the same question over and over for a feature you never advertised. I can only hope the guys at Strymon are surviving the constant onslaught of criticism for having no ios or android app for their pedals that also don’t have bluetooth and only do 1/5th of what the H9 does. While I’m here though I’d like to lodge a complaint- why haven’t you released the H9 in the rest of the colors in the Pantone spectrum? White and Gold clash with the colors on my board. You need to fix this asap – I paid money for this, come to my house and rehouse my pedal or I’m sellin’ it! 🙂


You’d think that Eventide installed a spy camera/listening device or some other outrage based on the hysterical comments here. I’m an Android user, too, but I’m not exactly sitting around whining or losing sleep over it, because I’m too damn busy making music with my H9. If one truly can’t use the pedal because of this one thing, I seriously question how well they can use any tech that doesn’t involve gnashing away at a keyboard in a forum somewhere, furiously.