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mr. limbic

After a solid 2 days of messing with it I have decided it’s great. I figured out the volume thing and it works pretty well. I made a really dope Eric Johnson ish lead where heel down exp is a nice chorused & driven & delay sound, then toe down I get massive fuzz, thicker chorus, and less feedback on the delay. Sounds great. I found something else that is a qualm though. Can any of these pitch parts be used as a whammy? Doesn’t seem like i can get 100% wet with any of them. I have a song that uses fuzz > whammy > chorus > delay. Ideally this could do it perfectly…also when trying to setup this sound it seems the algorithm really lags with the expression pedal. Could this be a hardware or update issue? All my other algos work flawlessly. This one is just a little “latent.” I uploaded via Bluetooth and have done so with my other updates so it sure what could be wrong. Any feedback would be great, or if it’s meant to be this way then cool and I’ll work around it or at least know the limitations. I really dig the fuzz sound though, especially compared to Scuplt and Crushtation.