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Sorry I wasn’t clear. 


a) Without connecting the my Macbook to the Eventide and using the Router App, Can i set up the H8000FW for the following simple chain: ADAT 1-8 into DSPa, then 1-8 from DSPa to DSPb,  then 1-8 to ADAT out – using one of the Presets? Can I avoid dealing with the router app, because while it is awesome control, i dont get some of it, such as……

b) If I do want to use the Routing App, I’m not clear on how to physically connect my MacBook to the H8000FW; real world jacks, plugs, signal chains. I dont think my Mac DAW will speak backwards through the chain to the Eventide, but all I have are Thunderbolt, USB 3.0 and HDMI jacks on my MacBook Pro with the Routing App.