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If the H9 is receiving midi messages from the rack in Live, you are on your way.

Now, if the encoders in the rack doesn’t fit with the functions in the app, its most likely because you didn’t upload the presets from the pack to the H9. I’ve catalogued/organised the presets in the folder called “4 H9 Ableton_Midi”, so they fit with the rack functionality. All of the different algoritms are there (10 timefactor algos, 10 modfactor algos etc…).

So if you take the FX Select on the rack to “0” this should make the H9 choose the “Digital Delay” algo with the preset called “Pristine digital delay”, “1” should be “Vintage delay” algo and the preset “Streets” etc. etc..

If it doesn’t choose the right algo/preset there’s your problem. 

Also; you can have the H9 app open while screwing around with the rack, this way you can see if the encoders on the rack match the appropiate encoders in the app, 

Hope this helps. 🙂