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mr. limbic wrote:
I found something else that is a qualm though. Can any of these pitch parts be used as a whammy? Doesn’t seem like i can get 100% wet with any of them.

No it can’t do that. There no wet/dry for the pitch. That’s the only thing that is missing. The dry signal is always there. Maybe Eventide is going to add that?. I like to use only the the high octave with no dry signal but it is not possible. Also for Whammy like things.

From memory, but this should work:

  • PITCH AMT  –  2.0 through 3.0
  • PITCH B  (and / or PITCH C)  –  set interval to taste
  • DELAY LEVEL –  Arp Wet 100%
  • DELAY 1 (and/or DELAY 2)  –  0 mS [TEMPO OFF] or NO DLY [TEMPO ON]

Just tried this but it doesn’t work. The dry signal is always in the chain. When you set arp level to 100% (and delay off) there is no signal at all.

I wonder why the Pitch AMT is working in three stages? Pitch A,B,C is from 2.0 to 3.0. But you can just as well set pitch B and C off if you only want pitch A. So there is no reason to have a Pitch AMT in three stages? or am I missing something? What is the reaspn for the three stages?  Maybe this ‘knob’ could better be divided in a wet/dry knob or something…