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Just tried this but it doesn’t work. The dry signal is always in the chain. When you set arp level to 100% (and delay off) there is no signal at all.

I wonder why the Pitch AMT is working in three stages? Pitch A,B,C is from 2.0 to 3.0. But you can just as well set pitch B and C off if you only want pitch A. So there is no reason to have a Pitch AMT in three stages? or am I missing something? What is the reaspn for the three stages?  Maybe this ‘knob’ could better be divided in a wet/dry knob or something…  

Must be that my memory is failing.  Perhaps it’s a negligible 1 or 2 milliseconds … something that I often do to maintain separation between ‘voices’.  Stacked voices are more distinct with imperfect stacking.

I’ve grown quite fond of how the PITCH AMT control works.  It’s a unique way to get partial blends between voices.  For example, I have some peachy Hammond organ presets that blend in ‘drawbar’ harmonics.  PITCH AMT does force you into planning how you’re going to distribute the pitch-shifted voices.  Depending on what you’re after with the remaining interactive parameters, you may want PITCH A as your MicroPitch double, or PITCH C for a hint of 2 octaves above.

I have a bunch of presets to dump out here … if I ever get the time to consolidate them.  Heavy use of PITCH AMT … it may be easier to explain with some concrete examples to illustrate.