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ProtonLenny wrote:

I was curious if there is anyway to allow the auxiliary switch to perfrom the hotswitch (secondary preset) functions in older algorithms (Timefactor, Modfactor, and Pitchfactor). I find the hotswitch to be WAY more useful than the slow/fast, repeat, and flex functions. Would there be a way in a future update to allow the user to have the option of how their auxilliary switch performed? The hotswitch setting would be especially useful for the delay algortihms IMO. 


If I’m understanding this correctly, you can do that currently.  Map the Aux switch to the expression pedal function.  Then adjust your expression pedal parameter extremes to mimic HotSwitch action [Heel = OFF; Toe = ON].  And once set up globally, this pseudo-HotSwitch function can be saved per-preset.

The step-by-step procedure is somewhat specific to the device.   That is, it differs slightly; depending on whether you approach it from the H9 Control app, an H9 Max/Core, or one of the ‘Factor pedals.