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Thank you for replying Chalky! I do appreciate it :^) Ill give it a try, I think your right, I had read somewhere that there’s a 5th and an octave, but want to get as close as possible. I can use my amps overdrive or a pedal for the hair, but Ill try the Pitch/fuzz effect too. How do you like te H9? I had a Axe Fx Ultra, but was a bit frustrated when they quit supporting it and I sold it, which was a lot of money to put out to just get dumped, the Axe II is supposed to be great, but I like the idea of a smaller pedal that does most of what I need than a rack unit that does everything except the laundry, lol! I think once I get a handle on how the H9 works (I have the Max), I will be happier. Have you seen any good exchange user patches out there that are worth mention? I’m more into prog, and fusion styles of music, but also love the classics as well. Thank you again for your reply, I hope to chat with you again sometime!

Ed :^)