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Bodde wrote:

Thanks for sharing Brock! Can you load these as a preset list? So that they don’t show up in the algo themselves but only in a dedicated preset list?

I did upload them as a Preset [L]ist, Bodde, and limited that [L]ist to 50 presets.  It’d be difficult for me to determine whether the individual presets are available in the algorithm itself.  Here’s why:

My process is to build each preset over time.  When I’m satisfied, the presets get loaded & arranged in a New Preset [L]ist.  So – by design – the individual presets here ‘begin life’ as a [U]ser preset, and show up in the algo.

I do know that auditioning the [L]ist will load each preset into the temporary “0” slot, and then you have to explicitly save it to a slot between 1-99 before it becomes part of your stored preset array (within the H9 pedal).