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Bull Earwig

Thanks all for the useful advice.

My H9 Control app indicates that my H9 Max has version  H9_5.4.1[7] and it indicates that is “up to date.”  Nevertheless, I have reinstalled this a couple of times now.

On the algorithms page in the “H9” column I have UltraTap, Resonator, EQ Compressor, CrushStation, SpaceTime and Sculpt.  No PitchFuzz.

In the control app, I tried going to Pedal, Reset Settings.  The app indicated that it would erase various things including my registration and MIDI settings.  I had to reregister my device afterwards, but all of the MIDI settings stayed, specifically the MIDI program change map, which was working great and now does not seem to.

 I don’t need PitchFuzz but this pedal is useless without MIDI.  Sorry to shift topic, but I expect a deeper reset may fix all the problems.  I will give up, for now, on trying to download PitchFuzz and make another post about how MIDI program change mapping used to work for me, but does not now.