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Given To Fly
brock wrote:

That’s the coolest compliment that I’ve gotten in quite some time.  Thanks.  I tried to mix it up with some bread ‘n’ butter presets, along with the spacy ambient stuff.  There’s just so much in there to take advantage of!

If it’s feasible, try an expression pedal (or Aux switch, mapped to the expression pedal programming).  Check out the Pedal View tab to really see what goes on throughout the pedal travel.  As a rule of thumb, if a preset starts out busy and showcase-y, then the Toe position will tone it down.  Conversely, if the preset is a little mild, the Toe position slides in other components & more wildness.  Some presets will morph with more subtlety.

For example, a looping-type preset at default will continue to play back.  The Toe position of the expression pedal fades it out.  Or a favorite trick from the Diatonic algo:  delay times are changed & stuttered; depending on pedal position.  One of the more powerful targets for expression pedal is the unlikely Voices parameter; simply because of its positioning in the FX routing scheme.  PitchFuzz is a crazy-deep algorithm.

Have you met your match, algorithmically speaking? wink