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Bull Earwig

I’m a veteran EE/software developer who is totally a Windows/PC and Android person and knows nothing about Apple.

But, when I took a hard look at how I could have the best possible guitar effects/presets editing/management experience, I went out and bought an iPad.  My specialty in software is GUI design and Eventide’s GUI is to die for.

Look at this way: if you only use the iPad for this, that’s a good thing!  Don’t let your significant other grab it and mess it up.

I found the prices on refurbished iPads directly from Apple were really quite reasonable. 

I use a MIDI controller to command my amp to one of its presets.  My H9 listens to program change messages on MIDI and follows that.

One of the things I’ve come to love about the H9 is that the MIDI control path and the editing path (Bluetooth) are separate.  (Of course they warn us to turn off BT in public settings).  With some other effects units you use MIDI to control it and also to edit things.  There can be issues with that.