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Given To Fly wrote:

Have you met your match, algorithmically speaking? wink

That could very well be, Mark.  I didn’t hold out much hope originally, based on the initial NAMM descriptions. But I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The multi-FX structure is one obvious reason for the depth.  The voice & effect routings adds another level.  It’s the subtle interactions that have captured my attention lately.

For example, I’ll set up some generic gain-staging:  guitar volume & tone controls around 7-8; healthy levels using H9 Control’s meters & clip indicators.  Flip around the pickup selection, or swap out guitars with similar setups.  All of my PitchFuzz presets hold at 0 dB / unity gain now.  I’m really liking the variety that I can squeeze out, using only the on-board controls of the guitar(s).  Volume / tone are reactive for the full 0-10 range.

And there’s still the occasional Eureka! moment.  Just last night, I started exploring wet signal-only, discrete glissando pitch shifts.  Something that cropped up here on the forum, & I never followed through on it.  All algorithms benefit from expression pedal control, but this one excels at delicate ‘morphing’.